Wheelchair Accessible Housing Targets – A review of local authority SHIPs, 2023-2028

17 March 2023

Scotland’s Housing Network has today published a report reviewing local authority Strategic Housing Investment Plans (SHIPs) for the period 2023-2028, looking particularly at how authorities have reflected the requirement to include Wheelchair Accessible Housing Targets in their SHIPs.

The report found that most local authorities’ SHIPs have now set out a specific numerical or percentage target for wheelchair accessible housing in the social sector. Relative to last year’s SHIPs, the report found that some LA’s have increased their social housing targets, or changed these to ensure targets also apply to RSL developments. A few authorities have set wider targets for particular needs housing, with wheelchair accessible housing forming a defined part of this. Compared to last year, a few more local authorities’ SHIPs now refer to an all-tenure target, an ‘all tenure minimum’, or a specific target for private sector development being in place. Crucially, a number of local authorities have indicated this year that targets are currently being considered as part of Local Housing Strategy development.

The report also found that many authorities still acknowledge the challenges in holding private developers to such targets, but equally tended to highlight authorities’ current practice or intentions in encouraging wheelchair accessible housing development in the private sector.

The full report can be read here.