Charter preparation

The Scottish Social Housing Charter was first introduced in 2012, it sets the standards that all Scottish social landlords must aim to achieve, it is regulated by the Scottish Housing Regulator.  We provide a range of services for our members to help them understand their obligations and to prepare for their annual charter return.

Scotland’s Housing Network is proud to be able to support our members in a range of ways with the completion of their Annual Return on the Charter. This includes:

  • SHN Guide to the Charter Indicators – Tips for Accurate Reporting: A comprehensive supplementary guide to the Charter produced by SHN Associate Christine Dugan, informed by learning from validation visits and FAQs published by the Regulator.
  • Annual Charter Preparation sessions with a focus on changes made to the indicators for the current reporting year, common errors/misunderstandings and how to avoid them
  • A dedicated officer available to answer questions and provide advice on specific Charter indicators, and where appropriate anonymously seek Guidance from the Regulator on your behalf  
  • A data collection template to support you in gathering data 
  • Current and previous versions of the Technical Guidance for your ease of reference
  • Full notes and presentations from previous Charter Preparation sessions

Data Accuracy and Validation Services

Level 1 Validation

This service operates provides an accuracy check on draft ARC returns using our tried and tested approach. As well as the initial check the service also provides for a follow up service to ensure issues are resolved and the data you submit to the Scottish Housing Regulator is accurate. This is desk-based review available to members for a modest fee of £216 + VAT.

Level 2 Validation

Do you need a full on-site verification exercise where experts will work with you to ensure the technical guidance is understood and is being followed; that it can be evidenced and is properly aligned to the definitions? We work with CD Associates who provide the service for SHN members at a discounted rate of £575 per day* + VAT plus expenses.

* 2024/25 rate

Publications and reports

Charter Performance 2022/23 – A Sector Overview – Presentation – June 2023

Presentation by Ross Morris and Boris Mingay on Sector trends for 2022/23, delivered to LA's and RSL's on 15 June 2023.

SHN Presentation on Data and Benchmarking Services, 2023/24

Presentation on SHN's Data and Benchmarking Services for 2023/24, delivered by Ross Morris at recent Charter Preparation Sessions.

Practice Bite – Charter Preparation Sessions – March/April 2023

Notes from our recent Charter Preparation session with Christine Dugan, taking place on 27th and 28th March 2023, and 3rd April 2023