Scottish Housing Day 2023

21 July 2023

Scotland’s Housing Network are proud to support the 2023 Scottish Housing Day.   

The publication of Housing to 2040 makes it clear that there will be increasing expectations on landlords, letting agents, housing practitioners and developers to deliver even more value for tenants and customers in the services that they provide over the coming years. So how do we ensure we have the right talent coming into all parts of our profession so that we can meet the demands and expectation placed on us?

The flagship event for this year’s Scottish Housing Day, will focus on the importance of professionalism in the housing sector, and will ask how we can make a career in housing more aspirational and ensure that practitioners working across all housing tenures can uphold and visibly demonstrate their relevant knowledge, skills and behaviours.

We’re attending the celebration event, why not join us.

If you would like more information about the Scottish Housing Day event, visit here.

NB: this event is not a SHN event.