Landlord Registration Statistics

26 October 2023

The Scottish Government has now published total “active” registrations by local authority for each of the last three years. The figures show a drop of just over 5% nationally since 2020. However, numbers seem to have stabalised over the last year and now stand at 238,787. As ever the national stats hide a huge variety of local trends including falls over the period of 27% and 32% in Argyle and Bute and North Ayrshire respectively and increases of 2.6% and 9.3% in Edinburgh and Moray. The full table can be found here.

In a separate FOI release the Scottish Government has also published statistics relating to the number of properties held by registered landlords. These cover a slightly different time frame, starting in 2019. These figures suggest a 13.8% growth in the number of PRS properties up to 1 Jule 2023. They also suggest a shift in the ownership structure of the sector with landlords holding a single property falling from 94% of active registrations to 72% over the period. Those holding 3 or more properties increasing from 1% to 12%. However, landlords with three or more properties manage just over 1% of the PRS. The details of this rather confusing data can be found here.