SHN Data Collection Reminder

20 May 2024

A few quick reminders about data collection arrangements for this year:

  • Charter Return:  Please send us your completed ARC as a PDF downloaded from the SHR Portal as soon as you have submitted this to the Regulator. We are now collating completed ARCs onto our system with the aim of making our members’ data available as soon as possible following the SHR deadline of Friday 31 May.
  • EESSH Return: We are this year again running an EESSH data collection to enable our members to continue monitoring progress in this area. This is a straightforward return, collecting information previously submitted as C10 and C11 of the Charter, and info you should already have to hand from SHQS calculations. You can download the EESSH collection template here – . Please send your completed return on by Friday 31 May.
  • Annual Network Indicators: Our Annual Network Indicators – giving additional context on performance – last year saw the most returns in the last 6 years. To participate this year, download the Annual Network Indicators collection template here – . Guidance can be found here.  The deadline for completing ANIs is Friday 7 June.

All returns should be submitted to